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Mortmere's Starsky & Hutch on LJ!

I'm so happy that my fan-friend Mortmere is posting about Starsky & Hutch here on LJ!

She's here:
Her icon reveals her orientation:

Mortmere and I first met on youTube via our Star Trek: TOS vids (the original Kirk/Spock) in …
*does the math*
wow, in 2009. [I stand corrected--it was 2008!]
We got talking on LJ--it's like time travel to read those old comments--then email, and we met in person to walk part of the Camino in Spain in 2011 (along with FreshCandy).

We've always stayed in touch on e-mail, but we went in different fandom directions--
and fandom itself got scattered to the winds...
Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, deviantArt, DW, etc. (I'm actually still on Blogger, where I wander the halls by myself. I actually rather like the quiet.)

Then, this year Mortmere introduced me to Inspector Lewis (or, rather, to Hathaway, the thinking-fan's slim jim!),
and I returned the favor by introducing her to Starky & Hutch.
We have achieved fandom cross-pollination!

She's been on Tumblr but I told her the Starsky & Hutch fandom is a little more connected on LJ, so here she is! It's like we're playing in the same sandbox again. I'm much more inspired to make fanworks if I'm playing with others.

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*jumps for joy*
(Does anyone use that *does something* trick anymore? Or am I immediately regressing to internet slang of a decade ago?)

Actually, we met online in June 2008, over eight years ago! I still remember where I was when we first started our commenting to-and-fro on our respective K/S vids. Didn't know then we'd still be here in 2016!

(I'll be doing some introduction rounds in S&H comms in due course, but for now, if any S&H fans read this and wonder whether to friend me or not, go ahead, I won't bite and will return the favor. Not that you need to friend me to see my posts, but I do want to find this S&H fandom Frex tells still exists here!)

OMG, you're right, it was 2008.
I vividly remember sitting up half the night that summer making my first-ever 1-minute slide-show fanvid ("Don't Touch Jim's Flower")--had no idea how to use iMovie, just started messing around and couldn't stop until I finished.

YOUR vids inspired me hugely to carry on.
Fanwork is catching...

Anyway, welcome home!

Edited at 2016-08-25 05:06 pm (UTC)

Hello! Never was a big K/s fan, but S/H and Lewis/Hathaway do it pour moi.

Hi, nice to meet you - and a fellow L/H fan, too! Actually, I know you - I've just started reading your S&H fics on AO3! Good times ahead!

Kewl--I hope you enjoy my fic. And I am writing a Lewis story, sort of. It's a crossover with The Professionals.

Excellent! I went to a The Professionals con this weekend, which is a fandom that is completely cross pollinated with Starsky and Hutch. Suzan Lovett (fantastic artist in many fandoms) and I spent half the time talking about Lewis! Lol.

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