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Hutch Thinks of Home

Duluth, MN

Hm. The design balannce is not quite right.... But I've worked on it long enough, so it's done!

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Just beautiful, all the pale blue and gray, plus the repeated motief of the fan and compass rose.

well, bless you for seeing that!
You remember Hutch really was a Sea Scout--I learned ALL about them... Ha. The places fandom take you, eh? :)

Yes, he really was a sea scout. I recall some online conversation where someone said he was simply joking. And I thought, no he wasn't! Lake Superior is as big as a small sea, and he went sailing--with the Sea scouts.

Exactly! The episode's writers didn't seem to know Duluth was on a Great Lake when they make it sound like a joke ("it wasn't easy"):
the Sea Scouts is just a normal branch of the Boy Scouts there---there's no reason he'd be joking.

I love all the different elements and the feeling of space and cool air in this one - he looks like his mind is so far away from the suffocating California heatwave.

Yay! The elements don't hang together visually like I wanted them to, but I'm glad they convey the feeling of space and cool air nevertheless.

I'm really intrigued by Hutch's Duluth youth. I think he was glad to leave it but must sometimes be homesick in hot smoggy CA...

A friend of mine who grew up in Duluth (pre-global warming) said she never even owned a pair of shorts until she moved to Mpls.

P.S. I posted a simplified, tighter version of this moodboard:

It's a better composition so I like it better in some ways, but it's got less pictures, and Hutch should have ALL THE PICTURES! :)

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