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Starsky & Hutch Knitwear
I made this photomanip in response to Mortmere's posting about a KNITWEAR party.

Looks like the battle of the crocheted poufs.

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The poor quality photoedit actually isn't too far off from what cheap magazines looked like, is it?

Good catch, that the orange pouf is knitted---I barely know the difference!

Yeah, that Isish sweater is timeless. I think Starsk's sweater would be "in" now because hipsters started wearing "ugly" sweaters in an ironic way. (Did that start with the Christmas sweater in the original Bridget Jones? I think so...).

What really looks WRONG to this modern eye, though, is to wear button-down shirts underneath---and to pull the shirt lapels out over the sweater collar.

I don't follow fashion consciously but in retrospect I see, a-ha everyone was wearing that.

Was'90s grunge like what the boys wore-- but more beat up?
Hutch's high-waisted pants never seem to have come back in fashion for men though, have they?

I love how paying attention to one TV show makes me pay more attention to... EVERYTHING!

Edited at 2016-08-28 04:03 pm (UTC)

Haha, I used to wear shirt lapels over the sweater collar like that! I even had some silly second-hand (probably 70s/early 80s) shirts with pretty wide lapels! :)

Hmm, I just realized that nothing I said above about the timelessness of their wardrobe apply to the things Hutch wore during Season 4. There were some genuine 70s atrocities!

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