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"I brought you flowers."
Did I say I was going to
1. clean the house?
2. go for a walk?
3. work?
Yes, yes, I did.

Did I instead spend a couple/few hours making this exchange of Picasso's flowers?
Yes, yes, I did.

Was it worth it?
It totally was.

Dawnebeth alerted me (here) that Starsky has a poster behind his bed of two hands exchanging this bouquet of flowers, by Picasso.
I've posted the screencap here.

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So excellent--and adorable!

I am now (it's 4pm) scrubbing the bathtub and doing the morning dishes. Vacuuming next because I have been so very busy playing on LJ today--and writing on a fic.

Thanks, I really like it myself.

NOW I am going to clean the house!

You should post this on the S&H LJ community!

Thanks I'm still kinda new here... not sure how to do that:
Can you tell me?

Are you a member of these groups? (I thought I'd seen you name on at least one of them?)

Once you join either or both, you can post in the same way you post on your own page--and this picture would be perfect! The first is for just about anything S&H related, 911 is more specifically for fan created things such as fic, vids and art.

Well, how 'bout that---I AM a member of 911, and I know because I tried to sign up just now and it said, "Error: You are already a member"!
Thanks--I didn't realize it was for open posting like that!
I'll post it soon [busy today! because of all the fangirling yesterday!]--thanks for the idea.

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When I first got into LJ, I bookmarked the friend's list page so that (like FB, in a way) I got all my LJ on one stream. So much easier that way. I can't wait to see what others think of your fine art.

Well, of course I couldn't resist the siren call of fandom, and I went ahead and posted it on 911 just now--thanks again for suggesting it and for encouraging me!

(That "sting me" icon just slays me!)

Totally worth it! It really is the sweetest thing, and a great allegory of their love: this burst of warmth and joy and color against the bleak, almost black-and-white surroundings - how seriously focused they are on it. (Don't care much for Picasso, but I'll never look at that poster the same!)

Thanks! I liked your allegorical read of it--I hadn't really thought of that. And yeah, I always thought that Picasso poster was kind of insipid, but not anymore!

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